Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Craft center and office update........

The girls and I share office space, actually, the office is one of the most used spaces in our house.  I spend all of my time editing, paying bills, checking grades, etc. in the office.  The boys do homework in the office. Russ catches up on work in the office and all of the girls toys find a home there.  My office was in need of a good organizing and toy removal....it was first on the list for 2014.  I started my cleaning out my files and getting all of my items organized and under control.  Once I finished my side it was on to the toys.  The girls spend most of their time crafting, coloring, doing puzzles, and I can't forget playing with play doh.  I wanted the girls to have an area where they could get to all of their supplies without having to go into cabinets and closets.  Since they had outgrown the plastic kitchen and a few other toys I rearranged and created a craft area....now they have a place of their own!  It has worked out fabulously and we can all enjoy the office at the same time!
collage 1

collage 2

collage 7

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collage 9

collage 4

I just thought I would mention the table and chairs is from IKEA and the metal baskets are from Home Goods.  There is so much fun stuff out there for quick projects!  Hope you enjoyed your visit, thanks for stopping by.
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twoandlu said...

Can I come over and craft? Super cute and fun!

Tish OConnor said...

it looks like such a beautiful space to craft in!! its such a bright and cheery space! i love the baskets with mugs in it!!

Elisa said...

Where did you get the oil pencil things (the one with strings?) Love the space!

Sheri said...

So cute!! You've got me motivated to get Sarah's little craft/desk area organized.

Hannah said...

It looks awesome! You have such a great eye for putting stuff together. I'd like to sit there and color!

Tricia said...

What a cute little space! I bet they absolutely love it there. The colorful pendent flags are such a cheery and fun touch :)