Friday, January 17, 2014

Let's Bake and a few other tidbits....

Everyone who knows June knows she loves art, crafts, and baking (since I am a Mom I can brag....and she is good at all of them).  That being said we can fill hours and hours with arts, crafts, and baking.Lucky for her our family knows her well and many generous Christmas gifts were given to her to allow her to pursue her passion.  One such gift was the "Tie-Dye" cake.  So, let's bake!


The girls were great at taking turns with ingredients...Kendall then June.


One of June's favorite things to do is watch baking channels on You Tube like Nerdy Nummies and Cupcake Addiction, so she had lots and lots of pointers as we went along.


Awe, they stopped for a little sister love...


Even TJ had to stop and help on his way out the door when it came to mixing the colors.  The cake mix came with red, yellow, and blue to mix to create the colors.  The colors supplied were no where as vibrant as the colors on the box so I had to add some from my Rainbow Cake stash.


Finally it was time to bake!  I pulled out my favorite baking supply....Wilton baking strips, they keep your cake flat while it bakes, no mound on the top.  


So here we are start to finish.  We started late in the afternoon so I had to wait until the next day to photograph our finished product.  Let me say it was hard to save a piece of cake that long with 7 people in our house.

I will say that for a box cake it was....


Kendall enjoyed her second piece.  I think she was the only one who had two pieces!

Literally this was "The End".  The end of the cake, last piece.  


Well, I guess it is time for the tidbits and a little catch up.  Lots has been going on around here, as you can imagine with 5 kids.  We had a busy holiday and even leading up to the holiday was full.  I am missing my blog and photography and hope to have more time to work on both soon.  I seem to spend most of my time taking care of the kids and house, including and not limited to homework, college prep, soccer games, basketball practice, not to forget the laundry and cooking...oh the laundry and cooking.  Our new year started off a little crazy with travel and then an unexpected, but welcome extended visit from my nephews and mother in law due to a blizzard and frigid temperatures.  I was glad to have my mother in law with us during that time because while they were here I had a bad case of sinusitis and a torn retina which meant lots of appointments for me. With our wild start to the new year I officially started my new year on Monday the 12th.
I am not much of a resolution girl, however, I am good with positive change.  One thing I am not going to do is take my health for granted, so taking care of myself is going to be high on my list of know the saying, "If mama ain't happy.."  Also, I have been hard at work this week organizing.  We have been in the house a little over the year and I am trying to get things in order that have just skimmed under the radar.  I am hoping to go room by room organize and do a little decorating (hang pictures, etc.).This week I tackled the office and my bedroom.  Also, another change coming soon (cross my fingers) is my photography website, I decided if I don't put myself out there I will never know what my future holds.  As far as blogging, I hope there will be more of that too...and a blog makeover.  If only there was more time.  That's if for now.  Happy New Year to all of my friends, I look forward to catching up soon!

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tiarastantrums said...

that cakes looks like so much fun. My girls did one of those but all shades of purple, it was fun and oh so sweet to eat! You have so much light in your kitchen!! My house is like a tomb, I think I need to repaint everything white! Happy New Year and you are right, health issues are a drag!

Kim said...

Adorable cake! My kids would love that for the novelty. I have never heard of the baking strips, but I am intrigued. My cakes are always wonky.

Hannah said...

The cake looks great! I'm glad you mentioned those straps, I never knew you could by them. I always heard this one lady talk about how she made hers and it never even dawned on me that you could buy some. Duh!

Glad you are feeling better! I missed your pretty pictures!

...melody... said...

What a fun cake! I'm going to have to look for it and have it sent to me in Thailand one of these days. :)

Tish OConnor said...

love that sass in Kendall in that first photo!! haha too cute!! the cake turned out awesome!!! how nice you have such cute little bakers to assist you in the kitchen!! :)