Friday, May 10, 2013

Soccer time

Game one.  This girl was on fire, she played one hundred percent all on.  Which, is actually funny if you would have seen here at practice the night before.  The night before my dad and I watched June practice and said, "she can always find something else".  Well the joke was on us, at least for the first two games;)  At the first game she scored the first goal of many....I lost count somewhere around 16.


June counted out each of the goals with shout and a jump....which by 16 started making the other team parents a little upset.  Really?  She is six and having an awesome game.  I should note the other team scored about the same:)


She ran.


She kicked.


She jumped.


After a long game, she watched Jake play and got a pep talk from dad.


She is really enjoying the season and is so much fun to watch.  She congratulates and encourages her teammates, gets exercise, but mostly she just has fun!

Have a great will see us on the field this weekend.  

Happy Mother's Day!
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PS:  Do you notice the small ponytail in June's matter what kind of holder we use her fine, smooth hair slips right out.


Skye said...

So great! My daughter is 3, and I can't wait for her to play some kind of sport - I love seeing the little kids running around and playing! So awesome!

Hannah said...

Yay June!! She should jump and celebrate it's supposed to be fun! I get a little sick of people who want everything to be fair. I'm a big believer in letting kids experience highs and lows. Anyway, GREAT job June!!

PS: Sophia's hair is like that too. Now that's it's longer I just braid it when it's wet and that helps a bit. I used to have to come up with some crazy hairstyles to keep her hair up when she was playing sports.

Elisa said...

These are awesome!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Oh how fun Tiffany- she rocks that field for sure! Brings back so many memories.