Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Kendall Girl

Well, here they finally are.  Kendall at three.  I love three, I love her still baby face, I love her sass (most of the time), I love her energy, her back talk, her independence.  I love when she reaches for my hand and puts her tiny hand in mine, I love when she sings in the car, I love when she falls asleep in the car, really I just love when she falls asleep 'cause she is so darn busy all the time.  No doubt this girl was given to me to challenge me as a parent, to push me, she is my Kendall and I am so glad to journey with her through the crazy ride called life.


Happy Weekend to all!

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Melinda said...

Your Kendall and my Addie Grace seem to be cut from the same cloth :-) Loving all your precious pictures!

Hannah said...

I am so in love with these pictures! She has so much personality. I just love kids like that.

Three and four are my favorite ages, they are just so fun.

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

My goodness, she is adorable! I love the way you captured all that personality!! :)

My youngest will be three in August. It is sad to see the baby slipping away, but so exciting to see the big girl emerge.

Patrice said...

Gorgeous photos!

Bi Ti said...

Such beautiful portraits !

Elisa said...

Happy Birthday Kendall!!

Tricia said...

She sounds like someone I little girl! What great photos! I love the sunglasses :)