Friday, May 3, 2013


I was so excited when my friend Hannah asked me to join her and some of my other Blogger friends in a photography project.  I always like to have a photography project going, but lately I just haven't had the time.  Anyway, to make a long story short, I said yes.  Each month we will have a theme and link to each others blog sharing our interpretation of that months theme.  This month is "Bloom".  I wanted my shots to have the girls and blooms....I really wanted a dreamy, garden party with lemonade, flowers, cookies, smiling faces, and sunshine.  While I was able to capture some of the above, the one thing I missed out on was sunshine. In the last two weeks we have had about 3 days of sun and lots of rain.  In the forecast for the next four days more rain.  I hope you enjoy my indoor, cloudy, garden party.  As usual, the girls favorite part of our photo shoot was the snack.  They LOVED the flower cookies!



I love this face!


This one too!



Hugs, smiles, and silliness!



collage 2

I knew I was starting to lose the girls when they started eyeing the chandelier....


....and started climbing!

Have a great weekend and head on over to Hannah's for more "Bloom".


Amy said...

Beautiful girls and beautiful pictures! Have a great weekend.

tiarastantrums said...

so adorable! Can I join your club too? {:->}

Hannah said...

These are awesome. I love the tones and of course you are the queen of the still it!

Tricia said...

These are so pretty! I love the flowers, the cookies, the lemonade bottles and, of course, those cute little faces!

Teri said...

These are such beautiful photos! How fun!

Elisa said...

These are gorg. I am so lame.

Elisa said...

These are gorg. I am so lame.

Melinda said...

That is incredible!! I'm definitely needing to step my game up next month ;-)

Ewa said...

You are really talented! The colors and the ittle girls are too pretty!

likeschocolate said...

Simply beautiful!

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

These are so adorable! I love the color combination you chose. Beautiful
Images!! Hope you get some sunshine soon :)

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

LOVE the flowers & how you made the cookies match. You are seriously super mom. Love ya to pieces- you always inspire me.