Friday, February 18, 2011

Love....Favorite Foto Friday

LOVE....I love having family dinners. This is our Valentine's dinner, nothing fancy, just dinner. On a good night the kids help watch Kendall while I cook and June and one of the boys set the table. No, I am not trying to paint a Norman Rockwell picture, in fact many nights it is far from that. Fighting over who says the prayer, elbows on the table, split milk (lots of split milk), brotherly banter, noise, leftovers (sometimes even whatever you can get) you get the idea. However, I LOVE dinner, even though it is a lot of work. Usually those 20-30 minutes are the only time we are all together during a day. As the kids get older it is getting harder and harder to make it work, but for a majority of the week we are still able to keep it together!

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Rebecca said...

How fun to *see* what dinner looks like at your house! Especially like the first pic of the level that June must see!

Melinda said...

Dinner is a favorite for me too. We are intentional about having a family meal together once a day. Love your shots and LOVE all those windows!! I can only imagine the natural light you must get :-)

pureheaven said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I agree that family dinner is such a special time. As the kids get older and more involved in various activities, family dinner becomes such a special treasure....

Hannah said...

I **LOVE** these shots. They are so cool. I love the first one especially, it's like I am a fly on your wall!