Thursday, February 17, 2011

Before and After

Up until yesterday when the snow began to melt I had the perfect "kitchen studio". Lots of bright light, sometimes even too much, which is good for me because I tend to like my pictures a little on the overexposed side. I actually was happy about the snow melting until I tried to take some pictures today.....UGH! I should say also it was very overcast too.


shutter 1/160
ISO 1250

365 9  -055

{Lightroom edit}

{PSE 6}
soft center light
simple lighten
There it is, before and after.....should I be wishing for more snow? Looking at my settings I wish I would have slowed down my shutter speed instead of using my metering scale. So very much to learn!

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Chic Homeschool Mama said...

That edit came out great! I like tons of light in my shots too. :)

Thanks for stopping by today.

deb duty said...

The light right can really make a shot look amazing and I guess the right editing can too because your photo looks fantastic. I love the look of pencils in a jar.