Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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I posted this collage yesterday with my {365} picture of the day...but I am posting it here too because the story behind the sandwich is so sweet. June has been "Miss Independent" lately. She gets dressed by herself and wants to do everything by herself. When she is done doing whatever it is she does she says, "I'm a good helper, right?" (we have been talking to the boys about helping). Anyway, I went to change one of the many diapers I change in a day and when I came downstairs June had the stool up to the refrigerator and all the makings of a bologna sandwich on the table. I of course grabbed my camera and the rest was history, so to speak. June made her own, delicious, bologna sandwich. She could not have been happier:)

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Hannah said...

What a big girl!! Sophia is VERY independent and gets mad if I don't let her try to do everything by herself. It's so funny, it must be a girl son would starve to death before he made his own sandwich :)