Monday, April 12, 2010

A week in review

The light at the end of the tunnel......kind of:) The nursery is almost done, painted, dresser and crib set up, and curtains up, it is ready for the final touches. I jokingly say light at the end of the tunnel because with almost 5 children I think my tunnel is long (in a good way of course)! Actually I am really excited to start putting everything in the baby's room. I have no idea what I have. I have been buying and stashing stuff for months in closets and drawers with all the work we have been doing around the house, now the fun begins. Only 2&1/2 weeks to go.

The boys activities are starting to get up to full speed. Jake and TJ are both running track and TJ is also playing soccer. TJ will be busy the next month or two with end of the year 8th grade activities and confirmation. Summer is also filling up quickly with golf, soccer camp, and church camp. I wonder how I am going to transport my people with a newborn, I sure it will all work out. I keep telling myself the worst thing that can happen is we miss something.....what do you do?

The weather is finally Spring like, Russ even had to mow the grass yesterday. For those of you who have been with us for a while you know I look forward to planting my garden and flowers every year. This year is no different, however, I have no idea how I am going to do it:) The other thing is the nursery I buy all of my bedding plants at is going out of business, which makes me really sad. It was close to the house and they always had flowers I could not find at Home Depot etc. I will have to find somewhere new...Ugh!

Consider yourself updated:) Hope you have a great week!

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