Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some days don't turn out as planned....

.....they turn out better. Today was one of those days. Let me back up a day or two and explain. I decided June and I need to get out of the house and make some new friends, so I joined a local "Moms" group. The first outing I chose was this morning at an indoor "bounce" place. Well, as sometimes happens with 4 kids, one was sick and June and I had to change our plans. Since I was up and ready to go I started laundry early and June and I just played while TJ rested in the "man cave". June was a delight. For those of you with a two year old you know some days you can't wait until bedtime, but some days you just want to squeeze them all day, today was one of the later.

June has taken a liking to the Nutcracker Barbie video. Today she decided to wear her tutu, and Terminator sunglasses(upside down of course) while she practiced her ballet moves against the family room table. She also practiced her foot work while holding my hands and spinning in circles. After our dance time we shared frozen corn(another new favorite) while we sat on the couch. June also likes the book "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus"(thanks Uncle Jay and family). As I read the book she mimics my voice and the words she knows.....All I wanted to do was squeeze her! I guess the point is although I was disappointed we did not get to embark on a new adventure I was able to share some quality time with my sweet baby!

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Michelle said...

Some days are just like this. Love the Tutu and hope your kids get well soon.