Sunday, March 1, 2009

A week in review....

Most days I look forward to blogging...not tonight, I am tired! I had an absolutely crazy day at Wally World today and I was glad when my day was over! However, this morning before work I had an idea. Why don't we rearrange our bedroom? My husband being the kind man he is, indulged me. Well, as most projects go it took twice as long as I thought it would. So I went to work with our room in a shambles and when I got home it was waiting for Russ and Ito finish after Miss Junie went to bed. As it is, we finished and it is a nice change. When we were done I thought, I need to blog "A week in review". Well, I was sidetracked by "Facebook". I like FB because I am able to keep in touch with family and friends I don't really talk too....I don't get all the other applications. Sorry to all my FB friends I just ignored every request ever sent my way because it would have taken too much time to catch up, what can I say I am a blogger at heart I would rather blog:)

The kids are all on the mend and no one is sick. Max gets his braces tomorrow, I will post a before and after. June and I attended story time at our library for the first time this week. If you can believe it she was a little bit shy with the other kids. She did like playing with the toys in the play area and I plan on going back this week. The biggest news of the week is June's Birthday....stay tuned for a new look on June's special day. Enjoy your week....I am looking forward to warmer temperatures coming our way at weeks end. Hopefully summer is right around the corner.

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Becky said...

We thought summer was right around the corner (it's supposed to be 70 here on Friday) and ended up with 3 inches of snow and temps not getting out of the 30s! But since we're in the'll still be 70 on Friday!