Sunday, February 22, 2009

A week in review.......

Overall a good week. I had a great time at BUNCO and the boys are feeling much better. Even better, June does not seem to have caught the boys bug (knock on wood). We received a package in the mail on Friday from our cousin Becky, she has been working very hard to sew this adorable outfit for Lil' Miss June.....and boy does June love it. As soon as we pulled it out of the box June yelled, "Tute", which for those of you who don't talk June that means "cute"! We put the dress on and June was ready for a photo shoot. However, it was hard to get a good a shot of the dress because as soon as I pulled out the camera June dropped to her belly and posed with her hands under her chin. (I know, I have created a monster) Many thanks to Becky, we love the dress, pants, and of course the hair bow! I would have a hard time putting such a beautiful outfit together with duct tape and stitch witchery and construction paper....again, many thanks Becky!

We had a laid back weekend and mostly stayed around the house except for a few basket ball games and a birthday party. We woke up late today, well 8am is late for us. However, shortly after we awoke the door bell rang and lucky for us Poppie brought us doughnuts and muffins for breakfast. After a little visit he headed home.....thanks for breakfast Poppie. Shortly after breakfast it was time for Max's basketball game. I am sorry to say I do not think the NBA will be calling on Max any time soon. During one play today Max and his friend played rock, paper, scissors to see who should dribble the ball down court, needless to say they lost the game, however, I think quite a few people had smiles on their faces after that play:)
Tonight after dinner Russ gave June a bath and then we had a little play time. TJ and June were dancing in the kitchen and both of them had a good time. When June dances, she basically turns in circles, lucky for her, her big brother was there to catch her. Although these are not the best pictures ever, I love them because you can see how much fun TJ and June were having together.
Tomorrow is a big day for Max. Max will be getting braces next week and tomorrow is the day for spacers, molds, etc. Poor Max does not realize the candy restraints with braces....he will learn fast:) Have a great week!

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P.S. I added a new link under favorite places...Bodacious Bling...there are some pics of June under the model section...a preview of June's 2nd Birthday!


Michelle said...

Love the dress and the picture is the cutest. Have a great week!

Mary Thorsby said...

I'm wondering how you fixed your blogger problem - I'm having that thing too! If you have any ideas, could you email me at I'd love to do whatever you did to make it work again! My blog is Thank you! Mary