Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gotcha Day!...........

June, myself, and our guide of the families we traveled with recently called her an right they are. She is an amazing women with a kind, loving spirit. Russ and I are forever grateful for all she did for us.
Mom, June, and "Mrs. Monkey"("Mr. Monkey was at home in the US with Max).
Russ and June!
This is June the very first time we saw her. I loved her instantly. Our journey was long and challenging, however, as soon as June was in my arms I knew without a doubt she was the daughter I had longed for. I am thankful to her birth mother for the brave, yet heartbreaking decision that left June at the gate of her welfare institute. I am also thankful to her foster mother for taking such good of her, you could tell she was loved. I am most thankful to God for giving us the privilege to love this sweet, amazing little girl.
We love you June-bug!


*Kayla* said...

love the gotcha day pics!

Kay Bratt said...

Oh my....that is a lot of cuteness going on!

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