Sunday, September 21, 2008

A week in review................

Wow, another week goes by. This was a big week for me, a lot of memories. I am grateful for all the kind words and support of my friends and family. Thank you! We decided to take a little break from the busy schedule we have been running the last month and enjoy some R&R at the cabin. We left on Thursday evening and returned home tonight!

Friday morning watching a show in Nanie and Poppie's bed.
Friday we took a trip to Bond Falls in the UP of Michigan, the falls were beautiful. The only thing that would have made our day trip better was TJ, he arrived at the cabin on Friday night and missed our excursion!
Me and the kids at the view point!
The boys doing the boy thing(climbing trees), although June loves to climb, if I let her down she probably would have joined them!
While hiking around the falls there were many areas you could get right up close, it was a great experience for the boys.

The picture above is the view down the creek from the cabin, the trees were beginning to change and it looked beautiful.
June and Poppie bonding on the deck.
Sneak Peek! For those of you who know me well you know I have a "Christmas Card problem" these beauties are a sneak peek....after church this morning we corralled the kids for the annual photo shoot. We managed to get some good ones!
While at the cabin the boys enjoyed some fishing, bike riding, and Jeeping. Nannie and Poppie also remodeled "the lounge" in the garage...complete with video games, microwave, and snacks. Saturday night around the campfire Jake was in true form, Jake is our comedian, he had us going with stories that kept us in stitches. We think he had too many root beers from the snack stash in the garage!
All in all a good week. June did have her first cold this week, we made it all year without even a sniffle...hopefully this was her one this year:). Have a great week!

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