Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Boat Parade 2014

For me The 4th of July is all about tradition and this year was a rough year for tradition.  For example, the girls usually sit on the pier with my mom, Debbie, and myself.....this year no Debbie (she was volunteering her heart out for the fire department) and the girls wanted to ride in the boat.  So my mom and I were able to sit child free for almost an hour in the warm Summer sun.  Wait, I think I am good with this new tradition!


I love the boat parade.  Families decorate their boats and travel around the lake handing out candy, waving, and playing patriotic music.  It is always a good start to our 4th of July celebration.
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Tamar SB said...

How fun! I grew up near the ocean, and each summer one town hosted "Night in Venice" and people decorated boats and drove down the waterway between the island and main land - such a fun night - thanks for triggering the memory (-:

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