Sunday, July 14, 2013

Movie Night

Earlier this year I saw some awesome pins on Pinterest about backyard theaters.....I knew immediately is was something I wanted to do.  So after a little research I ordered a projector and a movie tarp and we were ready to go!  This past weekend we had our first neighborhood movie night.  I popped popcorn and bought movie candy, the girls were excited.  We invited the families on our street and the rest was history.  We met new friends and enjoyed our company until almost one o'clock in the morning....a super duper late night for us (and everyone else).  We hope to enjoy at least one more movie night before school starts, maybe two!






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PS:  Notice the ticket jar?  My little crafty girl June designed and cut tickets for her:)


likeschocolate said...

what a fun idea! So cute!

Hannah said...

You are killing me. This is awesome. I am now ashamed of our family movie nights where we watch them on the garage door in folding chairs and eat M&Ms! Okay, I still like my hillbilly movie night but you've inspired me to step up my game a bit!

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

That is fantastically awesome!

Tricia said...

How cool is this?! Gee, I want to be your neighbor :)