Friday, July 12, 2013

Lake fun....

It is hard to believe we have been home for a week already.  I am still doing laundry and have not downloaded the rest of my pictures.  You may be seeing cabin pictures until Christmas at the rate things are moving around here!  Water sports are always a highlight of a trip to the cabin....this year June joined in the fun!  I love this first picture, it says it all.
collage 1




The boys enjoyed their ski time too!  Our weather was perfect everyday, which does not happen too often.  I have more vacation shots to come including the boat parade, the 4th, and hopefully some fish tales.  Have a great weekend.
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Hannah said...

These are awesome! Way to go June!! summer weeks on the Lake sound amazing. We spent all our weekends on the boat when I was in high school. It makes such great memories :)

Susan W said...

I love the photo of Russ in the background---same expression of pride and joy as my John would have. Fabulous!!