Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I thought I would share a little of our Easter morning.  We arrived home from the beach around 5pm on Easter Eve.  We drove straight through, about 16 hours with stops.  Of course it was straight to the grocery store for the basics.  Thankfully, the Easter Bunny planned ahead and just had a little bit of work to do to put the baskets together.  The Easter Bunny's helper, then hid lots of candy and eggs around the house (still too cold for outside).  June was the first one up and she labeled bags for all the kiddos to collect eggs....she scoped out all of the hiding spots too!
collage 2 frame
Once the boys woke up it was time to hunt for candy and of course eat the candy.  I can promise you the sweet face below had her fair share....she has had lots of candy the past two days.
collge 1 frame
Thankfully, my mom hosted Easter dinner.  After church we headed to my mom and dad's where we spent the day with my Nana.  Nana is 92 and Kendall's Godmother.....doesn't she look amazing?

nana and girls
Here is a rare one for you, I can't remember the last time my dad and I had a photo together.  I actually let TJ use my camera:)  It was good practice, he is taking a photography course next year.
me and dad

There is a quick Easter recap.  I will hopefully have more pictures from the beach later this week.  It has been a wild few days around here.  Did I mention I thought the little people had no school Monday?  Well they did, Monday morning hit us like a brick:)

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likeschocolate said...

Happy Easter!

Susan W said...

Love the photo of you and your Dad!

andy said...

I LOVE that pic of you and your dad!!!

Elisa said...

Oh and I am not Andy- oops

Elisa said...

Oh and I am not Andy- oops

Hannah said...

Awesome picture of you and your dad!

I love messy hair on little girls, it makes them even cuter :)