Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sorry, but you don't have the "itis"

Last night, the witching hour.  The kids are a little tired, a little hungry, and a bit disheveled from a long day.  I am making dinner.  June is playing by herself, making soup with my soup pan and wooden food.  Kendall is playing with her tablet in the sun room.  I hear June say, "Kendall, I made magical medicine soup....(pause, Kendall comes running)....but, you can't have any because you don't have the ITIS!".

That's when I decided to grab my camera.  Kendall did not seem to mind that she did not have the "itis" and a pots and pan band and a lot of silliness and noise followed.


Usually as soon as I pull on the camera June starts to pose.  (I have taken a lot of photos of her what do I expect)  This one according to June is a pose from the movie "Ratatouille".


Let the noise begin.


You may notice in the progression of these pictures more pots and more spoons, they multiplied quickly.


Another pose.


Kendall joining in, of course she is sitting on the table.


Did I mention that June has also watched me photograph food and flowers a lot.  This is her vignette for the evening.


We have been known to hang spoons off our noses once in a while....June can never get it to hang off that small, sweet, Chinese nose.


More noise.  This is about the time the boys began to complain.


I, however, told them to shut the basement door the girls were making music.


Finally, they started to slow down a little.


June started to get annoyed with Kendall.  Do you see it in her eyes?


She claimed what was hers and blocked most of the pots from the small girl.


Luckily, Kendall had one last hurrah.  Then it was time to clean up so I could finish dinner.


What did we have you wonder?  I will leave that up to the imagination.


The End!

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Bi Ti said...

They are adorable :-)

likeschocolate said...

Obviously nothing that required a pot!

Hannah said...

LOVE this! I think it might be my favorite post ever :)

Tricia said...

When I first saw your post title on my sidebar, I thought it said "Sorry, but you don't have the tits!" LOL. That was naughty of me...sorry :)

Anyway, this is so cute. I love photo of June where she's getting annoyed. xo

Elisa said...

Wow- I could hear the noise. Hope you had a glass of wine after that. :)

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

Aodrable! Love your storytelling too! I bet they are a hoot to have around :)

Karen said...

What beautiful memories you have captured of this day.

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

So many beautiful captures! I smiled my whole way through. :)

Anonymous said...