Thursday, January 10, 2013

My baby girl....

My baby girl.  My baby girl is growing up.  Each day she looks less and less like a toddler and more and more like a little girl.  She is still wild, adventurous, busy, and keeps me on my toes, but she is changing.  With June being at school in the afternoon we have more one on one time together, for those three hours she is my constant companion.  While June is at school I try to find at least one activity for the small girl.  Sometimes Play-doh, sometimes painting, sometimes reading, sometimes we run errands.  However, the other day she wanted to play with her new doll house and that is where this post begins.

Russ's mom gave the girls the cutest doll house ever for Christmas, it is adorable.  In fact it was the inspiration for my new blog design, I like it that much!  The girls like it too, they sit an play, rearrange, and do it again.  The other day, however, it was just my baby.  Here she is.


The details in the house are so cute.


I set the rooms up for Kendall.  Make sure you look at the pictures, by the end the rooms are trashed, LOL.


Again, cuteness.


Kendall was a bit excited that she was the only one having her picture taken. She asked me over and over, "Is this a photo shoot?".


"Yes, baby it is."  And get used to it 'cause once June is in school all day next year you will be the only one left home for pictures!


She checked every inch of the house out. She wanted the windows closed not open.


The people are made of wood, however, you can bend their legs and arms.


Grandpa was playing the baby grand.


This is a shot where she thought she would "pose" for the camera.  I begged her to open her eyes, but it was not going to happen.


Wait, I will open them if I can stick out my tongue:)


She decided my stool was a better place to pose as it involved climbing, which was of course a little dangerous in slippery stocking feet....danger is still her middle name.


More playing. (Notice the inside is looking a bit messy)


Kendall had a good time playing at chatting with me.  One of my favorite things she says is, "Mom, I have a question".  This is usually followed by a random statement, not a question.


So here she is, my baby girl.


As I look at her, I am aware of the blessings she brings to our family and ever thankful for the "surprise" God graciously gave to us.  I often wonder what plan He has for her and what her future holds.


"Love begins by taking care of the closest-the ones at home"
Mother Teresa

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Kim Stevens said...

Oh are these just the cutest! And that doll house, I want to play too, how fun! But that last photo steals my heart, precious!!

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

That IS the cutest doll house ever! And she is just adorable too! I love those big eyes. How wonderful that you two get that special time together. Time alone with one of my kiddos is rare since we homeschool and we are all home all day.

I love your blog design too. So pretty! :)

likeschocolate said...

She is darling!

Hannah said...

That is a sweet doll house! I love the colors and the blog looks awesome too!

Sophia used ask to ask a question and then just talk and talk and talk.

Enjoy your one on one time!

Elisa said...

awww love that you got some time with your youngest crazy girlie. Love the house!!

Tasnim said...

Adorable!! Great photos :)

Tamar SB said...

She is so cute!! Love that doll house too!

Lauren said...

Adorable little girl! I absolutely love the dollhouse, too! My little girl would go crazy over that.

Kim said...

She is a doll! Love the dollhouse and all the details. My favorite image is seeing your daughter through the doolhouse door!

stephanievarno said...

These photos are precious! I love photos of kids in their element. Her doll house looks so fun!

Susan said...


Your girl is gorgeous, what a treat to see her.

I've been on a long break, hope to be back this week.

Your pictures still AMAZE and INSPIRE me. Gosh...I love, love your work.

Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season.


Between You and Me said...

Trisha from A Rosey Note sent me over to meet you...we have also adopted from China...and she wanted me to see your sweet girl from China. :)

lovely post....that doll house is gorgeous.

Tricia said...

Oh that dollhouse is so cute! We have a starter home version with some of those little people...not quite as fun as what you have going over there. Your photos are so great!

I see Tara, from Between You and Me came and visited you. I've been thinking about how you both adopted cute little girls and I thought I'd play match-maker :)

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

My goodness- how have the years gone by so quickly? It wasn't that long ago it seems that we first "met". She was so small- wasn't even close to walking. Now look at her. As much as it pains me to see her getting so big, it has been such a joy in my life to see her grow. How I wish we were closer.

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

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I hope you can make it!


Kathy Shea Mormino

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