Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas card photo shoot..........

Well, here they are.  I wish I could say I love them this year, but not so much.  I was able to squeak a few decent shots out and I am putting our cards together.  I am unable to share my final product this year because our card is our change of address announcement too (I am really behind).  The fun part about the card is my chalkboard theme and I am using LUXE cut cards from Miller's.  Hopefully, I can give you a peek when they come in.  For now here are some of my shots....

The Keepers...














The Out Takes...

Wow, I had a lot of out takes.  As I said in an earlier post my settings were messed up and my people were just a little, well, goofy that day.  As I looked through all of my shots I think the big guy may have been the biggest problem:)











See what I mean about the big guy?


After and hour at the preserve we headed down town.  We stopped for frozen yogurt to curb the griping and then we went to the center of town.  The boys were very worried the would see someone they knew (girls) so they were not interested.  After I grabbed a few shots of them they went to the car and I turned my focus on Kendall.  I wanted to get a shot of her holding the board.  Well, she was on to me and would not turn "Merry Christmas" my way.  When she did she started walking back and forth on the stairs to block me from getting a shot, she knew what she was doing, laughing the whole time.  Russ was watching from the car and was also laughing....that is when we called it a day!

kendall collage

Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great weekend.  I am hoping to get some Christmas decorations out and spend time with the kiddos.

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Amy said...

These are great photos! Can't wait to see your Christmas card. :-)

Emily S said...

I love your outtakes! They all look like they were pretty good sports about it!

Elisa said...

ha my boys would never want to be caught dressed alike either!! Great pics- love the one of June

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

Aw, what a beautiful family! I love the outtakes...I have many like that as well. Ha! Real life ;)

Anonymous said...

He he!! These are soooo awesome! Love them!

likeschocolate said...

I think the outtakes are funny! I don't have the energy to wrangle my kids this year! Merry Christmas-Kelleyn

Sophi Belle said...

You did great. I LOVE them!! And the out takes are so darn cute! :)

Rebecca said...

Fantastic. These are truly the shots memories are made out of.

R :)

Hannah said...

This was awesome :) I'm trying to catch up with's been crazy here.

I love that your boys dressed alike. I had issues just getting Dmitry dressed period. It's nice to know that your big boys caused more outtakes because by the time we were done I was ready to kill Dmitry. Did I mention we went out THREE times trying to get a shot? THREE!! I ended up going with Mpix because they were easier, but I didn't use any of their designs.

Tricia said...

Oh, i LOVE these! Your girls' outfits are sooo cute! I just can't get over how you have three big boys and two little girls...I'll bet that makes for some fun times. I haven't taken any Christmas card photos yet...suppose I should get on that, huh? :)

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!! I would probably use the outtakes more than anything else. I just love them all!! SO nice to see the boys too. Super big hugs- been thinking about you!

Pride In Photos said...

The big guys is hilarious!! Love him!! The greens and purples together are yummy.