Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Enjoying Summer?

Do you like my title? Enjoying Summer....we have been enjoying Summer like temperatures around here. Really! It has even hit 80 degrees. Winter was long for me so I am happy and so are the girls. Kendall's favorite saying, "outside again". Lot's of drive way time, bike riding, bubbles, swinging, and jumping on the trampoline. Kendall is a little confused by the weather. Boots? She did not like them in the snow, but was ready to wear them to ride bikes.



Chief bubble blower and catcher.


Chief bubble spiller and taster, yes, taster....this is Kendall we are talking about.


June holding Kendall down for a "Sister" shot.


Kendall sitting still for a millisecond.....


......or two.


Just Junie. How I love that smile.


And I will leave you with this one. June made this sweet little hat in preschool. She was not up for modeling her work so this is what I got:)


Thanks for the visit. I am gonna head out in the sunshine and drink a can of my new favorite....Coconut La Croix while Kendall takes a nap.

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Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Oh my goodness Tiffany- so darling. Glad the girls are enjoying the warm temps. That last one of June is SO ADORABLE! Love that grin!

Lisa said...

They are so adorable Tiffany! Our temps have been in the 80's too. It's so great! and I'm inside doing office work. ((taking a little time to say hi though ;) ))

Your chief bubble spiller cracked me up.

Hannah said...

They are so cute. I love June's silly smile showing off her hat. That is awesome!

It's been crazy warm here too. It was 86 degrees here today, it's March! I'm so stinking confused. I might pull a Kendall and wear my boots too!

Elisa said...

I hope the warm weather and sunshine is helping you. I know you are stressed. My little bubble blower eats the bubbles too. Maybe they taste good?

Tricia said...

What a cute bunch of photos! I love that last one of June :)

Susan said...

Oh my...how sweet indeed.

What a treat to see Kendall.

Your work continues to amazing me Tiffanie♥

Hope you're having one blessed day today.

homeschoolceo said...

These are so adorable! I absolutely love that sister shot and the "or two" so cute!!! You are blessed with those gorgeous sweeties.

We have been enjoying the outdoors too! My kids always seem to love wearing gigantic rain boots with shots, lol. ;)