Friday, July 22, 2011

Fast Cars and five kids.....

Fast cars and five kids...I think it would make for a great name for a reality series. Well, maybe not, but it is how I spent my day yesterday. The temperature here has been over 100 degrees the last few days so we have been looking for indoor fun...and we found it. I took the kids to the auto museum and we had a blast. Me included! The air conditioning was on and there was lots of fun stuff to see, but no touching allowed so we worked very hard to keep Kendall contained in her stroller. Good thing, otherwise the pretty, shiny, clean cars would be covered in finger prints and of course face prints! I had a good time taking pictures and the kids were good sports and even let me get a few shots of them.

....remember the Flintstones?


.......Speed Racer? I had the biggest crush on Speed Racer when I was a kid:)


Do all boys want a Corvette?


Taking in the sites.


We had a little fun with mirrors and reflections....lots of reflections!


TJ and Max sat in Mario Andretti's car.


There were so many cars. Cars from movies, cars from TV shows, and cars with personality. Cars from Ghostbusters to Back to the Future and Herbie to our favorite Lightning McQueen.


Heck, even "The King" was there......

7-20-044 I said, "lots of reflections". See me in the chrome?





{LEM soft focus of course}


.....and I will leave you with my favorite shot of the week!

{Fabulous Friday} {and then she snapped}

and then, she {snapped}

Hope you have a great weekend....Happy Friday!

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love the Flintstone car! Very cool.

Ashley Sisk said...

How fun - my inlaws are big into classic cars...They'd love this.

A Rosy Note said...

Looks like fun. My son would love this. I love those head light and tail light shots :)

deb duty said...

My son would love this. He loves anything to do with cars. I love all the detail shots.

Jane said...

These are fabulous photos - love the reflections, the lighting and angles you took them at.

BearBoy said...

Awesome shots! Who doesn't love a Classic car show!!

Gretchen said...

That looks like a FUN car show!! I think my fave is the Flintstone car!! =P

Kim Stevens said...

Wow! I am really digging all of these fabulous photos! The colors and reflections and your perspective...perfect!!

Susan said...

Oh what fun! Love the taillights and your LEM entry!

Tara said...

These are awesome, I have always wanted to take pictures of old cars, you did great!

Tara said...

Hi Tiffany! You made the Top Three, yay! Do you want to send me your jpeg so I can post the full version...

Jennifer said...

Congrats Tiffany! You won Fabulous Friday! Thanks for participating! Have a great week. :)

Stelle said...

Wow! These kids were able to see those cars? I have to admit, even I feel envious of them. I wanted to see the Flintstones car in person, but I guess I to settle with the pictures for now.

Stelle Courney

Leisa said...

Oh my! If I brought my niece here, who knows what wouldl happen to these cars! And I thought I would never see the Mach 5 and Fred Flintstone's car for real. Looking at them sure brings back some memories.

-Leisa Dreps

Naomi Champy said...

I envy you guys. I've been longing to go to a place like that with my kids so they can see replicated vehicles. But it seems there's nothing like it near our place. The kids seem to be having the "rides" of their lives. =)

Naomi Champy

Ivo Beutler said...

Oh cool! Your kids are so lucky because they got to see the Flintstone’s car, Herbie, Lightning Mcqueen and other awesome cars. I love the photos you took of the cars. You really brought out their colors and the excellent craftsmanship behind every vehicle.

Ivo Beutler