Sunday, April 3, 2011

A week in review...Washington DC style

A week in review...Washington DC style. We had a wonderful time in Washington DC. You may remember THIS post about my dear friend Rebecca...well we spent the week with her family touring the city. There were 13 of us all together and we had such a lovely visit. The kids all did great in the house and on the road. Baby Kendall was a trooper and all of the kids enjoyed each others company. I will share more about our trip as the week goes by, but here are some of the highlights. Stop by Our Journey to MeiLin to see some of Rebecca's highlights too!


{The White House}


{Cherry Blossom}

3-29 a-055

{the tidal basin}


{more blossoms}

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{the rotunda..Jefferson Memorial}


{911 Memorial}


{watching over}


{Arlington National Cemetery}


{The Wall}



I have so many more pictures to edit and post, I hope to get to them during the week. We have a very busy two weeks ahead of us, but I look forward to sharing more about our trip.

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Rebecca said...

Your pictures are all so AMAZING! Thanks for such a wonderful time!
Love, R :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What great pictures! I grew up just outside of D.C. but never made it in for the cherry blossoms. I hope I can go up and run their cherry blossom 10K sometime (we're about 4 hours away, so it's not all that far)