Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday....Friends

Everyone needs friends.....and I happen to have one of the best in the whole world:) As you know if you have been reading along we spent the last week with my friend Rebecca and her family. We have not seen each other since we left China in September 2007.....Here we are last week soaking up the beautiful cherry blossoms of Washington DC.


The girls have not been together since we left China either.....they were fast friends. Mav joined right in too, they all had a great time.


{Friends.....Happy Monday}


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Michelle said...

Love it... The girls are soo beautiful..

Bella Skye said...

This is really cute :)

Rebecca said...

Best friends will keep in touch with you even if you move a million miles away. Todd Parr

Rebecca :)

Allie said...

Both of those photos are great! Thanks so much for linking up to Happy Monday every week! :)

Jenner said...

The girls are just as cute as cute can be! Sounds like a fabulous vacation!

Natalie said...

Both photos are so lovely! I love the one of the girls, I love how children can become fast friends too! They're so wonderful and such blessings!

Christina said...

This is so pretty! And they are all adorable. :)

Candace McClintick said...

Very pretty flowers!