Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Week in Review

WOW! We had a really busy week, good, but busy. It took a few days to catch up from our visit to DC, throw in kids, activities, and life and we had a pretty full week. On top of that I added in a photography class. You may remember I took a Simply {SLR} class back in January from Faith at Simplicity. Well she asked me to take her Simply Bliss Basics of Childhood Photography class and I could not say no. You see, while I feel fairly comfortable taking pictures of stuff, I could really use a little extra help with the someone holding them still for the perfect portrait:) This week was indoor light and here are a few of my favorites.


indoor light Kendall edit

Week 1, assignment 3, Portrait edit

I fear that this coming week is outdoor light. Fear, yes. I took Kendall out for a little practice today and this is what I got. Although she is stink'n cute in my book, she does not stop moving. She goes and goes and goes and goes, you get the idea. If she is not going she is getting dirty. She literally ate three handfuls of sand and was going back for number four when I said enough is enough. (Child number one would not have had the opportunity for even one times change).







Since we are on the topic of Kendall....This little one has changed a lot this week. She has purpose and she knows what she wants. She used to just toddle around, but now you can tell she has a plan. It has been really fun to watch her this week interacting with June and taking control of her little self.

The other people are all doing well. We have two Birthday's this month Max and Kendall. Max is not shy about what he wants and reminds us daily, maybe even 360 times a day. Jake and TJ are busy with track and other activities. The daily driving is a full time job around here. This next week should prove to be a challenge lots and lots going on. Russ's Mom is coming to give us a hand and help keep us afloat. Hope you all had a great week. Here is to the next...........

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PS: Still have move pictures from has been a photo heavy week here, hope to post them soon:)


Jenner said...

These photos are just gorgeous. The girls are so adorable, I just want to hug them!

Hannah said...

I bet you do great with the class. I fear indoor light much more than I do outdoor light. I think you did great!

Amarie said...

SO envious of the sunshine! Beautiful shots :-).

Jennifer Bowen said...

Great photos! Your kids are adorable! You will do well in your outdoor light class. Remember, shade is your friend. And make sure you turn your kids around until you see the catchlights in their eyes. =)