Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday.....{April Showers}

I took both of these pictures at the same fountain in the FDR Memorial just a few weeks ago when we were in DC. If nothing less it is a good lesson in shutter speed.


{fast: shutter 1/4000sec, aperature f/3.5, ISO 250}


Entry for Happy Monday.....{Sparkle}


{slow: shutter 1/6sec, aperature f/22, ISO 250} ......More water shots and April Showers at.....

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Allie said...

I really like the second one! Thanks for linking up! :)

DM Stafford said...

Beautiful! I Love your pictures! They inspire and encourage me to practice!!!! Thx for your talent and sharing!!!

Jaymi said...

very cool, definitely a good lesson in shutter speed!

Karrie said...

shutter speed really does make a difference!!! The first picture brings an awesome element, I could picture that blown up and hung on the wall! :)

Jenner said...

Very nice!