Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Week in Review

My house is trashed, yes trashed. After a busy weekend with 7 people and 7 different schedules under one roof, my house is trashed. The amazing thing is , I am okay with it, really. For the most part I like everything in its place, to the point where I make myself crazy about it. However, remember when I said I don't make resolultions and that I am going to make time for myself, I am. Since I am making time for myself, sometimes my house is trashed and I am learning to live with that. That being said today was a busy day, Birthday parties, fundraisers, naps, church, and time for me. Before I went to pick Max up from his friend's Birthday party I went on a little photowalk (I thought it was time to get out of my kitchen studio:). I went to take pictures like the one below or the one on my {365} link.....


.....however, I ended up taking pictures like these. I ended up at the most inviting, warm, beautiful, antique/interior shop. As I entered the store, camera around neck, I thought, "I would love to take pictures in here". Thankfully, the sweet woman tending the shop read my mind and said, "You can take pictures in here if you would like". SMILE, HAPPY, SMILE!!! The shop was filled with vintage goodies arranged in a way that just drew you in. Here are just a few of the photos I took today. I will have more of them in the gallery later this week. Please stop by their ESTY shop.





After Birthday pickups and picture downloads it was time for dinner and what a dinner it was. I don't think I have ever mentioned, but we attend an amazing Roman Catholic Church and are glad to be part of the parish community. As a church fundraiser many of the families in our parish community prepared authentic tamales, sold by the dozen, I wished I would have bought more. I have never tasted anything so fabulous in my life, delicious does not even begin to describe our dinner tonight.....YUM!

tamale edit-001

So here I am at 10:13pm blogging about my day and trying to remember details of the week. Kendall is a whirlwind, walking, climbing, and keeping me on my toes. TJ was busy when he was nine months old, but I think Kendall gives him a run for his money. Speaking of TJ he is officially driving, permit, parking lots and all. Next week June turns 4, how time flies, she is a true light to all of us and we look forward to her big day.
Again, I would love to hear about your week. Grab a button at link up, I will make sure to visit!

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PS: Please excuse any spelling and grammer errors....sometimes if you hit spell check on blogger it kicks out Flickr pics and I did not want to do this one again:)

Have a great week!

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