Friday, February 25, 2011

FFF......Why it takes me an hour to empty the dishwasher?

A photo journey to answer the question....Why does it take me an hour to empty the dishwasher?









Now you know! What you missed is the trip to the toy area inbetween each piece of silverware emptied from the dishwasher. Finally I gave up and grabbed the camera. Stop by Nora's for more Favorite Foto Friday......she went to the beach:)

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Aileen said...

Cute! My youngest does the same thing.

nora said...

My only saving grace in unloading is that the dog stands between the dishwasher and the girls, in case there is any water spilled on the floor. Otherwise... we'd be in the same boat!

Such sweetie faces - hard to get frustrated!

Rebecca said...

I'm sort of looking at envy at your is SO big! My dishwasher onloads in a snap since it only fits 4 cups and a bowl....ugh! Count your blessings!
The girls are SWEET!

Michelle said...

Okay I have too admit this is too cute...I dislike having to empty the dishwasher..Makenna has the same shirt that June has on.Have a great weekend.

Melinda said...

I think your pictures are just lovely!! And that first picture of Kendall, boy does she favor Addie a few months back! I had to do a double take :-)

I love having little helpers with the household chores. Takes twice as long, but they are just so precious!

kbreints said...

So Cute! You have helpers! Hopefully they will continue to want to help as they get older!

deb duty said...

I remember those days a long time ago when every chore took a bit longer!

Hannah said...

They are so cute! They are the cutest little time suckers I've seen :)

I love the pictures,they are so crisp and colorful.

Love the lemon aid post too!