Friday, September 24, 2010

Mooncakes, matching, and more....

Well, my one fan told me I needed to start "A Week in Review" again, and I agree. However, Sunday nights are still a little crazy around here, especially on the Sundays I work. So here is a little taste of "A Week in Review" until I know I can do it and keep it going. I have to say, I always thought those posts were a bit boring and mundane, but I guess with a new baby we have kicked it up just a I can add tidbits about diapers and drool.

This week was Mid-Autumn Festival, we did not celebrate however. One, our moon cakes were delivered late, two, it was cloudy and we could not see the moon. No need to worry, however, we now have moon cakes in hand and we plan on heading to China Town tomorrow for a parade, festival, and food. Did I mention food? Last time we went to China Town we over ordered and ate well. I know the boys will look forward to eating at the same restaurant, they can get wonton soup in bowls the size of a bathtub and they can get the "bubble" drinks!

misc sept-050

When we get home, we can eat MOONCAKES! Although, I ordered sweet nut the main ingredients are bean paste, lotus paste, and melon, should be an adventure.
Matching. If you would have told me after Max was born 10 years ago that we would have two girls I never would have believed you. Yet, here we are with two girls. When June joined our family I had so much fun buying girls clothes. Much better than trucks, stripes, and the ocassional plaid, I was able to buy pink, tule, sparkles and I went a little crazy. Now, better than shopping for one girls....TWO. Why you ask? MATCHING! Matching pajamas, dresses, socks, and I can match too. This summer all us girls got matching flamingo pajamas and this week we all wore them for the first time.

misc sept-013

Can you believe I just posted a picture of me in my PJ's?

misc sept-040

A little owl number I fell in love with:)
And now for the more. I like to decorate for fall and I found these cool plastic candle like lights and Kohl's....they are kind of fun. I just hope June does not toss them off the candle sticks like she does my real candles.....these won't make it.

misc sept-057

On Sunday, TJ's school had a grandparent's Mass. My parents and Russ's Mom came out and spent the morning with TJ. They all went to Mass, had a light lunch, and toured the school. A good looking group if you ask me.

misc sept-024

So there you have "A Week in Review" like post until I can get my act together:)

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Rebecca said...

I'm SO glad to finally feel up to date with your life!

I wish you would call me sometime.


Hannah said...

That was great. I missed your week in review too.

LOVE the PJ's those are so cute. Great pictures as usual!

Aimee and Cary said...

Hey, sweet lady.. left a comment on my blog.. if you want to try mooncakes next year we can skype and make them together.. that'd be a hoot! Love the flamingo jammies and the owl outfit is so cute! HOW BLESSED!!!