Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chinatown adventure

"On Saturday, Sept. 25, enjoy an afternoon at the Chinatown Moon Festival. Held in Chinatown square, the festival begins at 3pm and will feature Chinese lion and dragon dances, Chinese traditional folk dance, martial arts demonstrations, Chineses musical intrument performances, and food stalls." Chicago Parent Magazine. Well, something changed because the square was empty. I could tell we missed something during the week from the lanterns hanging in the trees...

china town-004

....however, we made a day of it. We braved the cold, drizzly, weather.

china town-024

I let TJ take pictures with my camera (not really,he took it upon himself while I was holding sweet Kendall). Lucky for him I like the picture!

china town-015

We snacked on Chinese almond cookies.

china town-028

After shopping and walking around Chinatown for a few hours we ate. We ate at one of our very favorite resturants.

china town-002

The kids orderd "bubble drinks".

china town-031

We had lettuce wraps and soup.

china town-034

The soup was beautiful, however, it was soup that Andrew Zimmern would have served up on his travel show, complete with tripe and parts, lots of parts. The soup was not a big hit even though it came in a very BIG bowl!

china town-038

china town-037

Overall we had a really nice day. We came home to eat our mooncakes....Jake and Russ liked them, the rest of us, not so much. I have jokingly said that I am going to travel to China next year to buy mooncakes from Starbucks, chocolate tiramisu, YUM!

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Hannah said...

Those are great. June looks like she is freezing in that picture. I am ready for the temps to be out of the 100 degree range but I am not ready for cold!

I have always wanted to try one of those bubble filled drinks.

Looks like a great day!!

Aimee and Cary said...

Seriously, you need to make mooncakes.. the recipe I used was VERY tasty and Caiya LOVED making them with me.. you would have a blast with it, I'm sure. Would LOVE to come visit you sometime to celebrate Autumn Moon or CNY! Chicago must be fun to live nearby!!! Charlotte is great, but no Chinatown (which I would love to have). We do have several great Chinese supermarkets and even an "Asian Square Mall"!!!