Monday, August 2, 2010

Catch of the day

We were back up at the cabin last week. We had good weather and enjoyed the lake, the fishing, boating, etc. June is turning out to be quite the fisher woman, she baits her own hook, even with leeches! She caught this bass down below on her "princess" pole, you should have seen it bend! We have a great location for fishing, you literally hang your worm over the water and the fish jump at it.....this is lots of fun for the kids, but maybe not Russ, he does not get any rest from taking the fish of the hook.

Russ, however, did have time to fish. He caught this one right off the end of the pier too!

.....and then there was TJ, also a good size bass.

Hopefully I will get some more pics posted soon. I tried to take my annual picture of the kids, I took a lot and I do not think I have one picture of everyone looking at the camera, but I did get some really funny ones.
This week we are trying to get caught up around the house and ready for school which starts in 2 weeks.

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