Sunday, May 9, 2010

A week in review

Warning....this post is picture heavy! Normally with this many pictures I would post them in the Gallery, however, due to severe time constraints they are being posted here. There were 25 pictures total in this series and if you click on any of the pictures it will take you to my Flickr page where you can see the rest.

We have had a good week. Kendall is doing great and we are all trying to get to know each other. She is a good baby and is doing well at night and is having more awake time each day. I have had help all week and tomorrow is my first day solo and I must admit I am nervous. Not about taking care of a baby, but of taking care of everything else. My biggest concern is driving everyone to all of their activities and getting dinner for everyone.....after school is going to be difficult for me. Please keep me in your prayers as I get adjusted to all of this, I know I will need them!

June is doing well, like I said this week I had help so she was busy with Nannie and Russ. I hope I am able to give her the time she needs as we get adjusted. She was glad to be part of the photo shoot I did with Kendall and of course there are pictures of her too!










We have a busy week ahead of us.....Confirmation, FPS State Bowl, 2 track meets, and much more, so here we go!
Have a Great Week!
Also, Thank you for all the well wishes and comments.....they are appreciated!

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Becky said...

I just want to squish them both, and I wish I was closer so I could help you out! Thinking about you all...

Jen said...

Wow. Just beautiful Tif. Don't worry, what needs to get done will and what doesn't clearly didn't need to be. Keep your expectations realistic, kids just want a happy mommy - not a perfect schedule. (That coming from a list making mother of two...ha) Oh well, whether or not I practice it it's still true :)

Aimee and Cary said...

Congratulations!! She's beautiful and you'll be fine; remember, you need to take care of yourself; let the housework go (HA!).
Enjoy kissing and hugging all of them!

Hannah said...

Beautiful. Just simply Beautiful.