Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can I brag on my own blog?

Can I brag on my own blog? I am not really gonna brag, well, okay, maybe just a little:) I will start with the boys. Both TJ and Jake made it to state for FPS and they are both excited. We are very proud of both of them and hope the timing of the baby and their trip works out.

Okay, now for my exciting news....I have never really been a coupon cutting kinda gal, however, at the beginning of this year I decided we needed to do better on meal planning, better eating habits, and going out to eat less. Since I started meal planning I have been cutting coupons. I do not spend a whole bunch of time, maybe and hour or so. I go through the local grocery store flyer on-line, print some of their coupons, and clip from the Sunday paper. Well last week I signed up for "Catalinas" (you pros out there are probably laughing at me) and I hit the jackpot today. I saved $125 on my grocery bill and received over $30 back in cash coupons at the register. Cool, huh? Now I guess the pros would have a plan of attack much better than mine, but I plan on spending my $30 in free stuff and if it works out right I will get another $15 in cash coupons at the end. Wish me luck!

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Michelle said...

I just bought a new printer this week and I am going to start cutting coupons. Let me know what sites you went to get coupons. Have fun and save alot.

Sherri said...

You have the right to brag about that. That is awesome - I like savings myself. One thing for sure - we're lucky now if we go out once or maybe twice a month. I love the cook and I prefer to make my own stuff, you never know who's cooking your food out. Way to GO!!

Hannah said...

That really is brag worthy! I am going to check them out! I use the grocery game but I don't feel like I really save much...I think I actually spend more!