Sunday, February 28, 2010

A week in review

Well, another week passes us by.  Things are moving along quickly here.  We have nine weeks and counting until I have more laundry....LOL!  More laundry, more feeding, more diapers and to be perfectly honest I can't wait.  Russ spent a lot of time getting the basement ready for the work to come.  This week is drywall taping, starting at 7am tomorrow, next week primer and molding, the next week paint, the next week carpet, and then we move everything around and start the nursery.  If we can keep that schedule the nursery should be done with 2 weeks to spare:)  As I said, Russ did a lot of work this weekend.  Much of the basement is now scattered throughout the house.  The "BIG" TV is in the little boy's room.....they are loving playing the Wii from their beds by the way! Many of the toys are upstairs too.  Last night June crowned herself the "Tinker Toy" princess.  She put on her princess garb and played Tinker Toys with the boys up in the hallway.  While this was going on I was talking to Rebecca on the phone and said how nice it was to have the kids hanging around upstairs instead of in the man cave........check back with me in a few weeks.  The boys had friends over today and it is A LOT louder upstairs than downstairs!

Behold....the "Tinker Toy" have to love the outfit!

collage copy

Not much else to report here, basketball and soccer will be ending soon.  Our next season will consist of track, soccer, and golf.  The boys end of the year school schedule is filling up quickly.  We have class trips, Confirmation, Grandparents Day, Graduation, and much more....mostly within a week or two of when the baby is due.  One thing I forgot about is FPS, both Jake and TJ represented their school as Future Problem Solvers this weekend.  The competition begins at the school level and can progress all the way to the International level.  We will find out in a few weeks how they did and of course I will let you know.

Have a great week!

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Hannah said...

Sounds like a good week :) Love the Tinker toy princess! Very very cute!