Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yum, Yum

A few weeks ago my friend Rebecca made enchiladas..."Pioneer Woman" style. Being that I love to eat and I am pregnant I craved enchiladas. So I went to "The Pioneer Woman" looked up the recipe, bought the ingredients, and decided to make them on a night filled with activities. I called Rebecca and complained, this is too much work, they take to long, on and on and on. Sorry R! However, they were the most delicious enchiladas I have ever had. Which leads me to tonight, I made them again. YUM, YUM. You can make them to, just click HERE. They are easy but a little time consuming, but worth every single minute! Thanks to "The Pioneer Woman" and of course Rebecca!

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Rebecca said...

You're welcome!

Hannah said...

Those look amazing! I was checking out your other blog earlier (the Gallery) I think it might be my new favorite photo blog! I love all the pictures and that Candy Corn outfit is Amazing!!