Sunday, December 27, 2009

A week in review...kind of

It has been a wonderfully busy week, we have visited with family and enjoyed time together. We will see more family this week. Christmas was exciting for June this year she understood Santa was going to bring her gifts and more importantly she knew it was "Baby" Jesus's Birthday. Every year before church on Christmas Eve I hope to get some good family pictures. No matter how early we start our day we take pictures on the run while the car is warming up! The pictures below are some of the highlights. I took many pictures during the course of the week and hope to have them edited by next Christmas:)


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I LOVE this picture of Russ and June!


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After church we spent Christmas Eve with my Dad's family and had a lovely evening. June kept us in stitches. Every time someone would give her a gift she would say, "A present for me?". She continued that on Christmas as well. Christmas morning the kids woke up around 7am which was not too bad, however, June had a cold and was up a lot that evening with a stuffy nose. Don't worry though, her cold did not get her down too bad! The remainder of Christmas Day we spent with my Mom, Dad, and, Aunt. As I said earlier more pictures to come soon, but the boys are calling, waiting for me to watch a movie with them....June is all tucked in!
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Michelle said...

Love the picture of June and her Daddy. Have a great week...

Jen said...

Ok, your pictures are great. I need serious SLR help. My close up shots (portraits) are too saturated and dark. Took them on Auto, do you? Or do you do the whole thing yourself. Help!