Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

Since "Baby Girl" starts kicking me at 4:30am or Russ's alarm goes off at 4:30am I thought I would take advantage of the quite of my house to get caught up on Christmas picture posting. Don't get me wrong, I could be unpacking from the trip to my brothers or cleaning the kitchen, but I can do that later:)


Santa spoils, the kids did not get up to early this year and we had a nice relaxing day. Max had a very specific gift list for Santa and Nannie, after opening Santa gifts I caught him checking his list to see what was missing and if it was on Nannie's list.....more to come on this later.

June finger painting with "color wonder" finger paints....what did we do before "color wonder"?
Later in the morning my parents and aunt arrived to spend the day. We cooked, visited, opened gifts and moved furniture? Yes, we , I should say my Dad and Russ moved furniture.....Thanks Dad!

Poppie and June opening gifts...

Each year my Mom gives the kids an ornament. This year the boys all received the instrument they play. Jake was the only brother willing to show off his trombone skills on his mini trombone. Jake you are a good sport and a ham bone!


Aunt Birdey and Junie.....


Do you want my candy, it only has one bite out of it and I know you like them? Who doesn't like Fannie Mae Trinidads......apparently June. Good thing I love them, don't worry, that piece of candy did not go to waste:)

The man of my DREAMS....sorry Russ I had to do it!


This picture is for those of you who wonder why there are not more pictures of the boys on the blog!
Now to Max....As I said, Max had a very specific list of wants and needs this Christmas. He checked his list continually during the day because one very important gift was missing. He wanted a year membership to Roblox, an online building game. Max was about to give up. My Mom had him convinced that she could not decide what to give him and that this card was his last gift, actually it was the last gift of the day. I wish I would have caught the look on his face when he opened the card...............pure relief and happiness. A year subscription to Roblox.....thanks Nannie and Poppie!
Another Christmas past....but there is still more to come, stay tuned!

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