Sunday, September 20, 2009

A week in review...............

So another week passes.....this was a big week for us. A week filled with many memories of our travels to China to bring home our daughter. What a journey it was, one we will be forever grateful for, every part of it. As I get older God's providence amazes me more and more; He continues to lead, comfort, surprise, and love me through situations I know I could not handle alone and I am thankful He continues to call me on His journey. Two years after our journey in China we have answered prayers(Gracie) and a baby on the way.....Amazing!
We had a typical week around here, busy with sports, guitar lessons, religious ed, homework, library time etc.
Jake ran Varsity for the first time and did a great job, we are so proud of him. I think he finally found a sport he enjoys.....and he's tried them all:) Max is taking guitar lessons and playing golf. He enjoys golfing, although, I think his favorite time is dinner in the club house. No matter how much money I give him, he never gives me any change:) TJ is playing soccer and had his second game today, the game ended in a tie.
If you scroll down to the next two posts you will see the highlight of our week Kiddieland! We spent Saturday at Kiddieland and then spent the evening at my parent's house. June had an absolute was worth braving the crowds to give her one chance to experience Kiddieland.
We went to church this morning where Russ and I were married. I love going there with the kids, thinking of the first day of our lives together and where we are now, how time flies! After church we stopped by "Dunkin' Donuts" for breakfast.....June enjoyed that too!

Have a great week!

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