Sunday, September 6, 2009

A week in review......

We had a busy week, but a nice week! June and I had a lot of one on one time and that was nice. We spent time in the garden,went to the park, cleaned house, and of course ran errands. We also had a few photo shoots:) The one below is of June in her new hat, much better than the baseball cap, don't you think?

When I said "we" cleaned, I meant that June slept and I cleaned. After her favorite chore of spraying the freshly cleaned windows and redoing them all by herself (now smudged and fingerprinted) she fell asleep in the chair while I finished up. What is sweeter than a sleeping baby, I just love her to pieces!

Jake had his first cross country meet this week and came in 5th in his group, he did a great job! We were all there, Russ was able to leave work a little early to see Jake run. The venue of this meet brought back a lot of memories for me. TJ ran cross country also, this meet for TJ occurred right before we left for China two years is so amazing to me that we have been home for almost 2 years.
We have had a nice weekend so far. Yesterday we did a lot of work around the house and started to get caught up. We harvested some of the carrots in the garden and blanched and froze some tomatoes, and we have plenty of gardening left:) Today we went to church, out to breakfast, and shared the afternoon with family friends. Tomorrow, our annual trip to the apple orchard, stay tuned for pics.
I hope you all have a great week......check back often, because there will be some big changes coming our way in the next week!

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Michelle said...

Love the hat! Have a great week!!

the jelly bean :) said...

I hate cliffhangers. You can bet I will be checking in multiple times daily this week to hear the "big changes." I love the new pictures. Everyone is growing up so quickly.

Jen said...

the hat is awesome! Suits her perfectly. Am I smelling a blogover? Ohhh the suspense!