Monday, September 7, 2009

Apple Orchard Fun..............

Warning.....this post is picture heavy!
Today we went on our annual apple picking extravaganza. With it being a holiday we started our day early to avoid all the "city folk" coming out to the country:) It was a good thing too, because when we left the orchard it was really starting to get crazy! We picked Jonmac, Spurmac, and Redfree apples today. The weather was perfect, summer like actually, which was a nice change from the cool rainy summer we have endured.
I love this one, TJ and June holding hands on the hayride.

"Which one should I eat first?"


What we picked.

"Get the one on the very top Max!"

"I love you TJ."

just a cool picture

Jake on the playground, don't you love his haircut!

We ended the day with lunch on the lake, we had a table lakeside and a spectacular lunch!

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Rebecca said...

Great pics! What a wonderful day for you to spend outside with your family! What time should I be over for pie?

R :)

Michelle said...

I love the pictures!! Looks like alot of fun. What do you use to edit your photos they are gorgeous.