Sunday, June 21, 2009

A week in review.....

Happy Father's Day!

As, you can see, the above pictures are of Russ and the crew...we took a few minutes before church to get everyone together for a Father's Day photo.

Above is a garden TJ pulled weeds and June helped.......
This week went by fast. Our weather here has not been very summery we had a lot of rain this week, a lot. In fact, Friday night we had a storm go through about 6pm, just in time for our dinner guest. The electricity went out, however, we ate by candlelight and still had a great evening. I assured the kids the electricity would be on in the morning, I was wrong. It was noon before we had electricity, which made for an interesting day. We had one of those days that just didn't turn out as planned. I called the electric company and the message said it might be Sunday before our power was on. With that I broke the cardinal rule of freezer defrosting. We have a small fridge we use for drinks that had a lot of prevent water on the floor I took the screwdriver and hammer to it....yes, I did. Much to my surprise, my gentle tapping tapped right into the compressor. Refrigerator over. Russ had planned on cleaning electricity, so he did not get started until noon. At that time I put June down for a nap and planned on mowing the grass(one of my favorite chores) and the lawn mower would not start. I headed out for a new spark plug.....did not work. I called my neighbor and graciously they lent me there mower, I assured her I had gas not to worry. I drove across the gas, back to the neighbors. I finally got started and half way through I got the mower stuck behind our swing set(there mower deck is a foot longer than ours)...Ugh!!!! It turns out ours needs a new fuel pump and my neighbors were more than kind about the crack I put in the plastic deck cover(Sorry, sorry, sorry). Needless to say I was happy to get to bed last night and start a new day because I was running out of things to break:)
This morning started with church. Both TJ and Jake served Mass together today. It was their first time. They did a great job even though they were a little nervous. The boys were glad to have the opportunity to serve with our Pastor and friend before he moves to a new parish at the beginning of July. After church, a little more carpet cleaning and a few chores. This afternoon we all headed up to Lake Geneva for a walk around the shore and town....then off to dinner.
Have a great week!

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Becky said...

Sure am glad your Sunday was better than your Saturday! I am in Louisville, KY with some friends, and we are staying at a Residence Inn...this afternoon, we had to switch rooms because we kept finding broken things in our first room! Broken couch, broken bathroom door lock, broken outlet, broken Murphy bed, and a wasp's nest on the porch! So, I feel your pain...hopefully we're in this room to stay, cause moving 6 people (including a 1.5 year old) was a pain! Hope this week is better for you!

Sherri & Todd said...

Happy Father's Day!!

Love the picture of Dad with his children!!