Sunday, June 14, 2009

A week in review....

Week 48....I can't believe it. I have been writing "A week in review" for almost a year, how time flies! I was looking forward to writing tonight in complete silence. I came home from our friend's daughter's graduation party to put June to sleep...all the boys were still "partying". I walked into the kitchen where I keep my computer and they all poured in from the yard. Oh well, noisy or not I decided to get started.

This was the first full week of summer vacation....and all went well. The boys all play golf and started their lessons last week. This was Max's first year and he really enjoyed it. They start the day with a lesson and then play nine holes. I think the highlight of the day for all of them is buying lunch and treats at the clubhouse while they wait for their ride. The course they play at does a great job with the kids and everyone participates in a tournament at the end of the summer.

June has enjoyed having the boys home. She plays on the driveway with them and loves her time in the yard playing "hockey", which is golf to you and me. The weather here has still been cool and rainy most days, however, on the nice days she loves helping me water the plants in the garden. In fact she loves to help with everything I do, cleaning, laundry, make-up, and she likes to do it all herself! June is also talking so much more and seems more grown up everyday. This week I bought a potty chair just to have it around......although she won't "potty" on the chair she has enjoyed carrying it around the house, taking her diaper off, and sitting on it (while watching TV of course).

Jake was not happy about this picture because he was reading to June, reading "Pinkalicous", ....sorry Jake, I don't think any of your friends read the blog, don't worry!

This is just our cat, she was sleeping on the couch and I could not resist.

Have a great week!

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Michelle said...

That is so sweet to see big brother reading to his little sister. Have a great week.