Sunday, April 5, 2009

A week in review....

Quiet! It is Sunday afternoon and it is quiet at my house.....sigh:) June is napping and Russ took the boys to see "Monsters VS. Aliens". I have decided to use my quiet time blogging, digital scrap booking, and cooking. In honor of the snow we are supposed to get(yes more snow)I decided to make a turkey with all the trimmings....we might as well pretend it is Winter and have a meal filled with comfort food!

Sports are starting to kick it up a notch here. TJ is running track and soccer was supposed to start this week, however, the snow from last week closed the fields. This week he will be practicing indoors. All three of the boys received great report cards this week...we couldn't be happier, they are all doing well in school.

June is keeping me busy....she is a busy, busy, girl. She is enjoying library time more and more each time we go. At the beginning of the class she stays very close to me, but by the end she is dancing in circles to "Ring around the Rosie". This week we will finally get the chance to attend a book swap from a "Moms" group I joined. We have sign up for events, but each time one of the boys has been sick.....I guess I will hope for no snow day tomorrow!

Since my time is limited off to "Photoshop" land for some digital fun! Have a blessed week!

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