Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seven is the magic number.....

My friend and fellow blogger, Michelle, tagged me a few weeks back and I did not answer. Caroline, another fellow blogger answered the tag and put the challenge back on the table.....so feeling the pressure, here it goes:)

1. I am looking forward to turning 40 in November.

2. My favorite candy is the "Resse's peanut butter egg".

3. Pink, is, will be, and always has been my favorite color.

4. Although four kids pushes me to my limits most days, I would adopt again.

5. I would only eat junk food if it was not a bad example for my kids.

6. I have a new found affinity for the "mini-muffin", thanks Rebecca.

7. I would rather be hot than cold....which is not working well for me this Spring considering I am always cold......Summer come soon!

Okay, that was not so bad, what did I wait so long for? Now it is on to chores while June is napping.....when I done hopefully a nap for me, I can't resist a nap on a cold afternoon!

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