Sunday, January 18, 2009

A week in review....

What a day! Today was day 4 of 5 days home without school...lucky me, I went to work today and Russ handled the crowd. All in all I think everyone had a good week. Sports are center stage again. TJ had indoor soccer on Monday, his team won. If you have not seen an indoor soccer game you are missing out on some action. Imagine a combo of soccer and is really enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately for me most of the games take place during June's bedtime and TJ gets a ride from our friends. I hope to see a few games this season. Both Jake and Max are playing basketball. We have games on Saturday and Sunday. Both Jake and Max scored 4 points during their first games this weekend. Last but not least is snow boarding...TJ's new obsession. We let TJ go with his friends to the local ski hill this weekend and he loved it!

As for June, she has started sliding into the terrible(terribly sweet and sassy) twos. She has always been strong willed and it seems to just get stronger! She is, however, a joy to be with, strong will or not. June is also putting more words together, two or three words at a time. She also adores her brothers and could not get enough of them this week while they were home. We call the basement "the man cave" because all the toys and electronics find their home there. June slides super fast on her belly down the basement stairs to find her brothers, too bad sometimes they would rather have her upstairs with me!

So now after a long day I am signing off for the evening....have a great week!

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