Monday, January 19, 2009

Freedom of Choice......

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Okay, here it goes. For those of you who know me you know I am pro-life. I, right or wrong try not to force my religious and moral beliefs on those who read my blog. My main purpose of blogging is not political, it is to share my children with my family, extended family, friends, and those that choose to come along for the ride. Much has been made of the Inauguration of Barack Obama and I pray for him and our nation. One of the first bills that Barack Obama has said he would sign into law as President of the United States is the Freedom of Choice Act. This bill is abhorrent, I could go into detail, but all the details are on line for you to read if you so choose. My children go to public school and as such I am unable to ask the school nurse to dispense any medication to my children with out a Dr.'s order, rightfully so. However, under FOCA, my underage daughter can legally be sent for an abortion without my knowledge. As Americans it is our responsibility to make sure we know what the candidates we vote for stand for, sadly many do not. Tomorrow Barack Obama will take the oath of office holding President Lincolns Bible. I wonder what President Lincoln would think? Please watch the video on Catholic it will not be available to post until tomorrow. If you would like to contact your Representatives is Washington to urge them not to vote for FOCA here is the number to call 202-224-3121.


Rebecca said...

There shouldn't be a choice.

Great post!

Happy said...

Hey Tiff, just got back from the march for life, and one day after the aniversary of Roe V wade, Our new president gave all the 300,000 marchers the perverbial finger. They are reporting in the Moderate papers that the marchers were low to middle class based on their wardrobe, Heck it was 39 degrees, should we be wearing our runway best and heals? They also flipply mentioned it was mostly teens, as if to say they don't matter, I guess they forgot those low to middle class teens will be old enough to vote in 4 years!