Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yesterday my Dad turned 60, we had he and my mother over for dinner (which is always an adventure at our house). The evening went well for the most part. My Dad loved his retro corn popper, I know the kids can't wait to enjoy popcorn with Poppie! The evening did take a turn when June had a bad breath holding spell....Ugh! This was concerning to me because today she had her first dental appointment ever...I was worried she would have an episode at the dentist because she usually clusters her episodes....lucky for us all my worrying was in vain. As you will see below June's tooth is as good as new!
Poppie and the Grand kids.

June showing off her new tooth! She did a great job at the dentist....June loves gadgets, so she was actually interested in all the dental tools and did not seem to mind the work being done...whew!
P.S. The tree has been inside for 2 days and has warmed up, Russ also put lights on it and it looks 100% better!


Rebecca said...

Your dentist is a magician! It's like you turned the clock back a few days and that *event with the tooth* never even happened!

You have a beautiful smile, June!

Ellen said...

You have been tagged!!