Thursday, December 11, 2008

I have been tagged....crazy eights!!!

I normally do not respond to here goes nothing...

8 Favorite Shows: Seinfeld, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, The Office, Everybody Loves Raymond, Beverly Hills 90210, Iron Chef(old), and Spongebob.

8 Favorite Resturants: Lou Malnatis, Romanos, PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory, Blink Bonnies, Stillwaters, Three Oaks Grill, and Noodles and Co.

8 Things I look forward to: DMB in concert, going to the beach, going to the cabin, Christmas, planting the garden, blogging, talking to R on the phone, and getting June out of her crib every morning(saved the best for last).

Wish List: Happiness for my kids(always), a free dream home, time to learn to use my camera, to meet Dave, to go to Disney every year (sorry Russ), to spend my summers in Italy, Esmerelda:), and all new Christmas decorations.

What I did yesterday: Played BUNCO, watched "Barbie DiamondCastle", made pork tenderloin, car pooled, worked on Christmas cards, cleaned, played "tea party" with June.

I will tag: Donna, Lisa, Shannon, Dana, Happy, and Kayla

I apologize to everyone in advance if you did not want to be tagged:), Jen I save you for R!

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who hopefully knows better :)