Sunday, November 9, 2008

A week in review...............

Where to begin? Last week my week in review looked forward to our country's election. Although, President elect Obama was not my choice I will pray daily that he leads our country responsibly, morally, and ethically. Okay, enough with the politics, on to the fun stuff...Let's start with Dave. I have not had Dave on the blog in a while so I have uploaded a version of "Steady as we go" for your listening enjoyment. I do love Dave, I know, I know, what does a conservative Republican love about a liberal Democrat?.....everything, right down to the very last song!!:)
The picture above is the very first digital scrapbook page I did last February. I am glad to say that after about 8 months I have just about finished my pages from our trip to China. My plan was to have the project completed by our one year anniversary, plan 2 was to have it completed by R's I am shooting for the next holiday....Thanksgiving! If you are interested in seeing my work click on the scrapbook page and it will take you to a gallery to see all the pages I have completed so far.
This little shot is June wearing a hat she fished out of the closet on Friday night. She loved putting the hat on and pulling it off again...on, off, on, off, you get the idea! June is so much fun, I love spending time with her, she cracks me up. Her vocabulary increases every day. My favorite word this week is "lalosh" for those of you who do not speak French, that means lotion. My other favorite is "mena" which means banana. She is funny, loving, and busy. Her favorite pastime this week is drawing....thank goodness for "color wonder"!
June also went to the movies this week for the first time. The boys had 2&1/2 days off this week for parent-teacher conferences, so on Friday afternoon we went to see "Madagascar". June shared my soda, had two suckers, made a lot of noise, and spent time running in the lobby. We even helped a friend set up her daughter's birthday party in the party room.....lesson, the movies are no place for a toddler, but what is a mom of four supposed to do?
Sports are finally over. Jake's team made it to the playoffs and unfortunately lost. Although, Jake was disappointed, he will not have football practice for the first time since July....yeah!!!! We have a sports respit just in time for the holidays. Did you know Christmas is in only 5 weeks? Yikes, luckily for me I have started my shopping. I hope to be done by December 1st so I can enjoy decorating, wrapping, and cooking! Wish me luck, I know I will need it.
Hope everyone has a great week. Visit "Waiting for Flora" to see the first pics of sweet, sweet Flora! Congrats!

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Ellen said...

Thanks T, for my shout out! Do you think the soda and lollies let to Miss J running the halls?? :)